Friday, December 7, 2012

Shades of Gray
(Neutral Density Filter with a Bounce)
I had a lot going on in the above photograph. Using a friends B+W 3.0 Neutral Density 110 filter and bouncing the image off of the reflection of the ground-level slanted windows of the Pennzoil building in Houston, I created this image. This was the first time I used a Neutral Density filter. With the ND filter and a 30 second exposer I was able to create a somewhat surreal image. Besides the ND filter I used a tri-pod and I set the 10 second shutter release delay on my camera to reduce camera shake. I also set my aperture to f/11 for image clarity and my ISO to 200. Before attaching the ND filter to my lens I auto-focused my image and then switched the lens to manual.  The ND 110 filter is too dark to focus through the lens after it is attached. My Nikon D3 camera also allows me to close the viewfinder to protect the image process from any light leaking in during the long exposer. I really like the effect that the Neutral Density filter produced in this image. I will defiantly be doing this again.
For exposures longer than 30 seconds; set your camera to bulb. You will also need a remote cable release and a stopwatch to time the exposure.
See the B+W Neutral Density (ND) web-site for additional information.
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Metadata: Nikon D3 with a Nikon NIKKOR AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G lens, Exposer: 30s at f/11.0, IOS: 200, Focal Length: 50mm, Exposure Mode: Manual, Exposure Bias: 0.00 EV, Metering Mode: Spot, Filter: B+W 3.0 Neutral Density 110, Subject Distance: Infinity, Lighting: Natural Daylight, Date: 12/01/2012 at 9:53 am, Post Processing: Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2
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