Monday, October 1, 2012

The Einstein E640 Flash Unit
I recently purchased (2) Paul C. Buff, Einstein E640 flash units. I did extensive research before making my purchase and it came down to the Profoto D1 Air series or the Einstein E640. The Profoto and Einstein flash units are somewhat comparable. My evaluation showed that Profoto D1 Air had a slightly better performance matrix than the Einstein E640 but, not at 2.4 times the cost of the Einstein E640. Another factor was that I do not have a studio of my own at this time. So, portability is very important to me. I have to be able to go to diverse locations. Electric-power is not available in many of the locations that I shoot. Because of this, a reliable portable power source is a requirement. Paul C. Buff offers the Vagabond Mini Lithium portable power system. The Vagabond is small and lightweight at only 3.5 pounds. Profoto offers the BatPac Portable Power Source which is a very serious power system that supports up to (4) 1000W flash units. The Profoto BatPac weighs 25 lbs. and cost $ 1,745.00 whereas the Vagabond Mini cost $ 239.95. Paul C. Buff states on their web-site that the Vagabond Mini will support (4) flash units. But, unlike the Profoto BatPac you would defiantly limit your shoot time with this setup. Instead, I chose to uses a Vagabond Mini for each flash unit, which I am able to easily mount to each light stand. I also purchased spare Vagabond Mini batteries for each power unit at a cost of $ 89.95 each.  The Einstein E640 and Vagabond Mini’s are the correct lighting system for my needs and situations. You should do extensive research based on your requirements, goals and budget when purchasing a lighting system.
Einstein E640 Flash Unit: $ 499.95 SRP
Vagabond Mini Lithium Power System: $ 239.95 SRP
60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee*
2-Year Factory Warranty*
For additional information see Paul C. Buff’s web-site: Einstein E640 flash unit and the Vagabond Mini power system.
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